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[englisch]New MiniMetro train in Miami

Opening of north lane of MiniMetro train at Miami international airport.

On March 9, 2017 the second lane of Leitner-Poma’s new MiniMetro shuttle train at Miami International Airport was officially opened to the public. The south lane of the automated people mover (APM) system, dubbed the MIA e Train, began public service in June 2016. Now both lanes are servicing the guideway that connects the main terminal to the Satellite E gate area. This is the second phase of a two-phase transport system installation where the new MiniMetro system has been integrated into the existing terminal structures and guideway. The MiniMetro teams in the USA and Europe combined their technical expertise and manpower to deliver an innovative and state of the art system to Miami International Airport (MIA).
“We are very pleased with the new MiniMetro train at MIA, where we have demonstrated our ability to be a competitive alternative to existing self-propelled technology, both on price and performance, and in particular on the yearly operating and maintenance costs,” says Leitner-Poma of America President Rick Spear.
This new, totally automatic dual-lane shuttle features dual three-car trainsets for a total of up to 300 passengers; the system transports over 11,000 people per hour and each train operates at a speed of 2,165 feet per minute!
The Leitner-Poma team has delivered two complete and aesthetically appealing trainsets. They are equipped with a pneumatic suspension for a very smooth ride. The MIA staff are happy that the north and south lanes are now open to the public and transporting passengers from Terminal E to the E-Satellite Terminal and vice-versa at MIA, including passenger services for the American Airlines double-deck A-380.
In 2014, Leitner-Poma won the highly competitive tender for the project, which includes a 15-year operating and maintenance contract, thanks to its clear advantages: cost-effective initial capital investment plus cable-based system with no heavy on-board drive system for reduced deadweight and greater energy efficiency. Cable-propelled systems are extremely reliable and require minimal service compared to more complex self-powered systems.
About Leitner-Poma
Leitner-Poma of America is a North American subsidiary of Poma S.A., which is headquartered in Voreppe, France, and Leitner Ropeways, which is headquartered in Sterzing, Italy. The highly respected company offers a complete line of cable transport systems, ­including surface lifts, chairlifts, gondolas, MiniMetro® urban transport systems, trams, inclined elevators, industrial trams, etc. The company designs, engineers, manufactures and maintains transportation systems. Leitner-Poma has installed aerial and ­surface transportation systems all over the world and has established its position as a market leader. With their worldwide network, they have installed more than 8,000 transportation systems in 61 countries and now safely transport 8 million passengers each hour.
About Minimetro
MiniMetro is an efficient automatic people mover for short and medium distance operations. MiniMetro systems are operating at airports such as Detroit (2001), ­Zurich (2003), Minneapolis (2004), Frankfurt (2012) and Cairo (2012). As a comfortable main transport system, the MiniMetro is designed for use in towns and small cities and as a link for busy locations like shopping malls, universities or metro stations and car parks. The system offers outstanding flexibility for integration within the urban infrastructure.

Technical Data and Infos

Client Miami Dade County
Contract awarded to Leitner-Poma of America
System length 375 m (1100 ft)
System capacity 5,600 pphpd
Trainsets 2 trainsets (3-car configuration W2 vehicles)with a capacity of 120 persons each
Line speed 11 m/s – 2,165 fpm

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